The Perfect Knee-High Boots for Any Occasion

Searching for a pair of thigh high boots but can’t seem to find the right pair? I can relate. I stand at an intimidating 5 feet tall, which makes it a struggle to find knee-high boots that fit. My height, along with my wide calves, has always made it nearly impossible to find a pair of flattering knee high boots. That was until I discovered Franco Sarto’s Sarto Flexa Tall Boot

The Sarto Flexa Tall Boots are made of breathable leather and mold perfectly to my legs. I wore these boots to an event in New York and walked nearly 25 blocks in them without feeling the usual discomfort heeled boots give. The boots matched my mini dress, making me look surprisingly tall. Rather than counting down the seconds until it was socially acceptable for me to leave the event so I could go home and change out of my shoes, I was able to enjoy my time in comfort. I also got a few compliments on the beautiful boots. 

Franco Sarto’s Flexa collection includes the Flexa Tall Boot, Flexa Booties and Flexa Slides. Every shoe is available in a variety of colors and are designed to contour to your foot. The shoes range in price from $160 to $220, and they’re well worth the money. Now you can not only walk around in style, but in comfort too. 

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