Snag a Compact and Powerful Theragun Mini Massager for $40 Off

Massage guns are great percussive tools that can reduce muscle soreness and speed up rehabilitation so that you can get back to your routine. While some massage guns are quite large, Therabody has a pocket-sized Mini massage gun model that’s perfect for when you’re on the go.

Best Buy has cut the price by $40, meaning you’ll pay just $160 for the Theragun Mini handheld percussive massager. But keep in mind that this deal will expire tonight at 9:59 p.m. PT (12:59 a.m. ET), so be sure to get your order in before then if you’re hoping to take advantage of this discount. 

Unlike larger Therabody guns, this massager is built to take on the go, whether that’s to the gym, on vacation or anywhere else. The Mini is lightweight, compact and ultra-portable, coming in at less than 1.5 pounds. And it comes with a soft case to keep it safe and clean.

But don’t let the size fool you — the Mini still packs a punch. It comes equipped with three speeds (1,750, 2,100 or 2,400 percussions per minute) and delivers 20 pounds of force. This particular massager has a fixed arm and a standard ball attachment, which is good for both large and small muscle groups. It also features a quiet, brushless motor. 

Like a massage therapist, massage guns treat deep tissue, which is great for workout recovery, but they can also be used to treat pain, soothe tension and even treat muscle knots. And because the lithium-ion battery delivers up to 150 minutes of therapy per charge, you can use it again and again as needed.

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