Give the Gift of Music With This Retro-Cool Victrola Record Player

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This holiday season, my top pick for gift-giving is the Victrola 8-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player… in white! Isn’t she pretty?

Why it’s a great gift: For me and many of my close friends, music is life! And if you’re a millennial or older like me, you have to admit, digital music just doesn’t hit the same way as popping in a physical album into your sound system. Luckily, this cool retro turntable lets you listen to your music in just about any format you’d like.

I grew up listening to the likes of Donna Summer, Barbara Streisand and Gloria Estefan, and now I have them all on vinyl to remind me what original girl power energy feels like. But since I’m also a modern day K-pop fan (#BTSArmy) this record player is awesome because its built-in Bluetooth compatibility lets you stream music hands-free from your smartphone, and also allows for cassette tapes and CDs. If it weren’t for this beauty, I would have no way to listen to the latest K-pop albums!

Now that my best friend and I have matching record players, it’s the gift that keeps on giving because we can trade our favorite vinyl over the holidays and on birthdays, too. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter for all your holiday parties!

What you’ll pay: The list price for the Victrola 8-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player is $200, but you can find it on Amazon and other online retailers for around $160 or less.

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