Buy Cards Against Humanity’s Clam Mayo, and You Could Win a Car

Clam mayonnaise? Yep, clam mayonnaise. That may not be your thing, but game company Cards Against Humanity is now selling it — and each jar has a batch of treasures submerged inside.

You can buy the clammy condiment, which the company says is a “tangy, garlicky mayo made with real clams,” at Target, though when I tried on Thursday, it was out of stock. A representative for Cards Against Humanity assured me it will be restocked and will be on sale at Target through the holiday season, so interested buyers may just have to check back.

But Cards Against Humanity is a game company, not a mayo company. So naturally, there’s a pack of 30 new cards for its game submerged in the jar. Maybe not for the kids, though. They’re described as “30 new cards about the sexual possibilities of shellfish.”

There’s also a mystery “Clam-o-Prize” in each jar. It could be clam merchandise (yuck), but it could be something expensive, like a car, a vacation or a real pearl. The car is a “one-of-a-kind Toyota CLAMRY,” the company said in a tweet.

The company regularly hosts bizarre promotions, including digging (and later, filling in) a hole to nowhere. And in 2021, the company tweeted out challenges, in one case paying a challenge-taker $10,000. That person won for coming closest to the number of jellybeans the game organizers were thinking about.

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